Initiatives taken up during lockdown:

Spreading awareness and precautions on Covid-19 in 20 districts and 6 states

We produced 4 videos in 9 Regional languages each, to spread awareness and precautions about Covid-19. These have been disseminated with the support of Rotary in India and through our Swadhaar Saathi app.The viewership up to July 15th 2020 was 32,321 views (click here for Covid-19 resources)

Our trainers are provided with comprehensive information on local help line numbers, State and Central Government schemes, NGOs / Individuals providing support so that our clients can be directed to them and avail the benefits

Providing assistance to clients to resolve banking and digital payment related issues, such as opening of or activating Jan-Dhan accounts, sending payments

Click here for State wise reports

Insights from six states and 20,227 community members
  • 20,227 clients reached through tele-calling
  • 30% were aware about Covid-19
  • 38% clients were provided with information on issues pertaining to Covid-19

COVID-19 Awareness

  • 8% faced challenges in Hand washing/Social Distancing

Impact on Family Income

  • Income of over 17% of clients is highly impacted. This is because 67% are daily wage workers or self employed
  • Over 31% people said that they could manage their expenses for 15 days to 3 months
  • 16% said they could manage their expenses by reducing their expenditure, 13% had saving and 12% said would borrow
  • 21% could not specify how they would exactly manage

Concerns due to Covid-19