RBI MoneyWise Centres for Financial Literacy (CFL Program)

Swadhaar is nominated and partnered with the RBI to run Centres for Financial Literacy in 4 States of MP, Jharkhand, Maharashtra and Bihar and operates 175 centres in underserved rural and tribal areas.

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The FINACT Network And Resource Hub

Swadhaar’s Resource Center for Innovation, behavioral research, content development and impact assessment using a human centered approach. Material created will be made openly available on a digital platform.

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Swadhaar eFinClass

Swadhaar’s blended B2B training platform for training of trainers to embed financial literacy in NGO programs across sectors.

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  • Our trainers are digitally connected with devices that have standardized training content
  • Follow up and post training support through our Call Centre
  • Digitized training process combined with trainers who meet face to face with clients
  • Client facing app for budgeting and financial planning: Swadhaar Saathi
  • Our master trainers conduct online classes for the staff of various NGOs and organizations through customized online training programs
  • Swadhaar’s digital education strategy to connect the under privileged population, especially women, to the country’s state of the art Digital financial system – the best in the world based on the Jan Dhan-Adhaar -Mobile trinity with UPI as the payment backbone
  • Swadhaar’s digitized training process to supplement training content, provide handholding support and post training follow-ups

Swadhaar Saathi Money Management and Financial Education App

Swadhaar Saathi is an Android-based illustrative Financial Education and money management app. The app enables the users to watch financial education content at their convenience and from their home. The app enables users from low-income households to keep a track of their income-expense and financial transactions.

Salient Features of Swadhaar Saathi

App Usage

Over 19,000 people have downloaded the app

35% to 40% use 2 times a week

The response to regular information cards & latest information is well recieved & looked out by the users

40% women users

High usage of income & expenses screens

The usage is better among the participant of financial education program or people who have received some support from our financial health workers in the community