Different digital initiatives - Swadhaar Saathi Mobile application (for participants), Tele- Calling service, Digital content and Swadhaar Dost (for trainers and Financial Health Workers) - are part of all our programs. The digital channels not only equip participants to use digital financial services, but also help in better engagement, create impact and build efficiency in the programs.

Swadhaar Saathi Money Management and Financial Education App

Swadhaar Saathi is an Android-based illustrative Financial Education and money management app. The app enables the users to watch financial education content at their convenience and from their home. The app enables users from low-income households to keep a track of their income-expense and financial transactions.

Salient Features of Swadhaar Saathi

App Usage

Over 33,176 people have downloaded the app

35% to 40% use 2 times a week

The response to regular information cards & latest information is well recieved & looked out by the users

40% women users

High usage of income & expenses screens

The usage is better among the participant of financial education program or people who have received some support from our financial health workers in the community

Tele- Calling

On-going engagement is necessary for behavior change. In order to stay connected with the community and participants of our financial education program, provide assistance and give them the required information, we have set up tele-calling channel.

Tele-calling channel is used for regular follow-up, to answer participant queries, and provide information on various products. We have deployed a team of Tele-callers/Educators who make and answer calls via a dialer-based telephone service. The Tele-callers connect the users to the Trainers whenever intervention is required for product linkages. All our tele-callers are trained and speak in local language.

Swadhaar Dost Mobile Application

Swadhaar Dost is an Android mobile application for Field Workers (Trainers & Financial Health Workers) that enables the field team to stay connected with participants of the training, provide assistance and give the required information to the participants. The trainers and Financial Health Workers use this to manage their trainings. The daily reports generated helps to monitor the performance of the field staff and also gives us insight into the requirements of customers.

All our field force uses Swadhaar Dost application.

The "Touch"(handholding and support from trainers) with Tech (Digital) is essential for the low literacy segment. We initiate and implement some of the programs through grants or we are execution partners.

RBL Bank Initiatives

RBL Bank 'Saksham' Client Education for RBL FinServe Limited Clients

RBL Bank sponsors client education through RBL FinServe Limited (Business Correspondent of RBL Bank). Under this initiative, SFA is the execution partner and carries out client education in various branches of RBL FinServe Ltd. in five states. The focus of the training is to help microfinance clients understand their rights and responsibilities as customers; the importance of credit bureau and a good credit record, taking loans wisely and avoiding over-indebtedness. The clients are also educated about insurance, savings and various saving products.

UNNATI - Financial Education Program in Bihar

This 18 months program was launched in 15 branches of RBL FinServe Limited. The training was imparted in the communities for borrowers and non-borrowers. A total of 32,238 clients and non-clients were trained through this program.

The training focused on encouraging savings, and use of different bank products and digital channels for transactions. Upon completion of the training, clients and community members were further assisted in adopting a range of financial products and services (savings accounts, recurring deposits, fixed deposits) and reap benefits of welfare schemes which include Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana, Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana, & Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana.

Reserve Bank of India - initiated Centers for Financial Literacy (CFL)

As one of the six NGOs selected by Reserve Bank of India for its three year pilot CFL project, SFA has initiated a pilot at the block level to explore innovative and participatory approaches towards financial literacy

SFA has established twenty CFLs in following locations

  • Rohtas and Dharbhanga District in Bihar
  • Jhabua District, Madhaya Pradesh
  • Khunthi District, Jharkhand

Financial Inclusion and Literacy Centres (FILC)

FILCs are physical resource centres for information and advice on money management, financial products and services. These centres are a part of our direct interventions and are supported by grants. Apart from physical touch points for community members, FILCs serve as a platform for piloting new initiatives such as Financial Health Workers model as well as the Swadhaar Saathi application.

Our FILCs also conduct financial education sessions for Youth in the age group of 18-24 years, especially those who attend night schools and colleges in low income communities. These youth usually undergo many hardships to be able to provide for their own education. We aim to empower aspiring youth by introducing them to concepts such as saving, currency identification, formal saving and opening of bank accounts, along with guidance about goal setting for life cycle needs.